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Custom Publishing from InBusiness Media Group
Our specialty is creating and publishing complete turnkey branded-content custom magazines. We will help tell your story, reinforce your business or clinical expertise and develop a loyal audience. We do the work for you and will tailor the covers, contact information and photos to meet your specific requirements. Our experience includes a full range of services such as writing, layout/design, printing and distribution. You supply the basic information and we will do the rest!

Sample layout of custom catalog

Custom publishing connects with your customers
Ads of all kinds and all media types are continually competing for a few seconds of attention. Custom magazines stay around and they get read because they're designed to appeal to specific audiences. They are saved, referenced and passed around. Most of all, they build connections by delivering specific information and a targeted message--yours. InBusiness Media Group will create a custom magazine with your own specific content that is interesting, engaging and relevant. Custom magazines build business and health care practices and sales by building relationships. They more than return the initial investment, they help build the lifetime customer.

New marketing tool: "Profiles for Practitioners"
Imagine your picture on the cover of a high quality, professional looking magazine cover with articles within profiling your clinic specialties.  Now imagine how valuable this publication would be for a promotional tool that builds relationships with existing patients and generates new patients.  Think of the impact such a publication will have on capturing referral patients from your peers and professionals in your community. 

Today this publication becomes reality.  InBusiness Media Group is pleased to introduce you to our exciting new marketing tool “Profiles for Practitioners”.  The beauty of this concept is you are the star and your clinic is the supporting cast.  

InBusiness Media Group’s “Profiles for Practitioners” are custom-designed specifically for you and your clinic.  You supply us with the specialties you wish profiled and a number of high quality digital photographs and we do the rest.

So why should you trust InBusiness Media Group with your image?  The principals at InBusiness Media Group have more than fifteen years experience in building and growing high quality, professional, relevant health-care related publications.  

InBusiness Media Group understands what it takes to create publications that look fantastic and most important, drive your audience to read them. This same expertise directly applies to creating your “Profiles for Practitioners”.  

Your profile will get read and and acted upon, creating awareness for your clinic and generating more patients.  Our commitment to you, is creating the highest quality “Profiles for Practitioners” possible that drives patients to your clinic in a cost effective, professional manner. 

You will be proud of your “Profiles for Practitioners” and satisfied with the results. 

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We help small businesses and health care professionals connect with patients and consumers to form long-term relationships.


We specialize in:
Cost-effective, professional design and straightforward advice based on years of industry experience.


Effective promo methods:
Business cards, rack cards, brochures, fliers, posters, banners, and informational web sites are cost-effective "silent salesmen" to consistently convey your message.


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