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InBusiness Media Group's Frequently Asked Questions



FAQ's for Web Services

FAQ's for Custom Publishing

Does a customized brochure cost a lot more?
Yes, custom work of any kind is more expensive. There are more variables with a custom piece that factor in and a lot more time/work is involved. Each project is quoted based on the variables.

What are some of the variables?
The main considerations are: who is the audience you want to reach, what information should be included (text, images, logos, contact information), when is it needed and how many are to be printed. All of these factors contribute to the cost estimate. We can work within your budget to offer options.

Do you offer customized print ads?Customized Ad Samples
Yes, we can configure print ads to your specifications and provide electronic versions of your ad that is ready for press. We can work directly with your vendor, whether it be a newspaper, magazine or printer if you would prefer it.

Where can I find samples of your ads?Please visit the "Work Samples" page for PDF images. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open a PDF file. It's free when you visit


FAQ's for Web Design

Need definitions? Visit our glossary of web terms.

What is the basic anatomy of a web page? An example is provided. Web Site AnatomyClick on the image to enlarge it.

How many pages should a basic web site have?
Generally, we recommend creating at least five basic pages:

1. Home page: an overview of what you will find in the web site

2. FAQ page

3. Products and/or services page

4. Supplemental page such as work examples, testimonials, background information or pricing

5. Contact page with principal information, hours of operation, etc.

What other pages are popular?
It's helpful to have an "About Us" page to describe your key principals and their credentials, company history, scope of services, etc.

A "gallery" page with photos of your work and testimonials

Research page or outside resources

How much information should be included on each page?
Generally, enough to adequately cover the topics and engage the reader. Text that is enhanced with attractive graphic images and photos can dramatically improve the chances a visitor will stay in your site.

What background information is recommended?
We suggest you first review your competitor's web sites and take note of the pros and cons of their sites. What content do they include that you should too? What is your impression of the competition based on their web sites? What information are they lacking?

Next, find web sites and make notes of the addresses (also called the URL) that appeal to you for the general look and layout. This will help identify a style that appeals to what you want to achieve.

"Doing your homework" will save time, which saves money.

What about determining my domain name?
We suggest a name that is easy to remember and geared to your specific practice or business. We can help find a name, buy it and set it up for you. Remember, domain names are sold by the year, so you will need to budget for the annual renewal fees to host the domain name.

What about hosting fees for the web site? You'll need to pay annual fees to a third party, such as GoDaddy for your URL and separate hosting fees on an annual basis. Hosting fees are for the cyber space in which your web site resides.

What about making changes to the web site once it's done?
We can make updates and changes to your site as often or as little as you like. We recommend making changes fairly often to keep the site fresh and it also helps with organic search engine rankings.

What do I need to get started?
We suggest doing your research as mentioned above and then make notes of general information you want to include in your site based on the five basic pages. If you have digital photos, a logo, PDF's or other graphics, then gather them up. We will develop a plan and budget to take it from there. We strive to make it as easy as possible for you to get a web site up and running. Let's get started...

I already have a domain name and web site, can you redo my site?
Absolutely! It would be best if you can obtain the electronic files from the person/company who created your site to save time/money.

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?
Search Engine Optimization describes the process of increasing visitors to your web site from common popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and many others. More on SEO




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